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Comprehensive Treatment for Keloid Earlobes: Achieving Minimal Recurrence with Dr. Gary Rothfeld in NYC

Keloid earlobes are a challenging dermatological condition that demands specialized care to achieve optimal outcomes and minimize recurrence. Dr. Gary Rothfeld, a highly regarded board-certified dermatologist in NYC with over 35 years of experience, offers a comprehensive treatment approach that combines advanced surgical techniques with meticulous post-operative care.

Understanding Keloid Earlobes

Keloids are abnormal growths of scar tissue that extend beyond the original wound area. Earlobe keloids often result from trauma or piercing, characterized by raised, thickened scars that can be cosmetically and functionally bothersome. Effective management requires a tailored treatment plan to remove existing keloids and prevent their recurrence.

Treatment Approach

Cold Steel Excision and Immediate Steroid Injection:

Procedure: Dr. Rothfeld utilizes cold steel excision, a precise surgical technique to completely remove keloid tissue while minimizing trauma to surrounding skin.

Immediate Intervention: Following excision, immediate steroid injections are administered around the surgical site. This dual approach reduces inflammation and helps prevent the formation of new keloid tissue.

Post-Surgical Care:

Scheduled Steroid Injections: Over the subsequent weeks post-surgery, patients undergo a series of six steroid injections. These injections further reduce inflammation and support the healing process, crucial for preventing keloid recurrence.
Lifestyle Adjustments: Patients are advised against wearing pierced earrings and to avoid activities that exert pressure on the earlobes, such as wearing tight headgear like motorcycle helmets. Such pressure can exacerbate keloid formation and compromise treatment outcomes.

Preventive Measures and Patient Education:

Education and Counseling: Dr. Rothfeld emphasizes patient education on keloid triggers and preventive measures. This includes understanding the risks associated with wearing pierced earrings, as re-piercing can lead to larger and more problematic keloids.

Careful Wound Closure: Dr. Rothfeld employs meticulous wound closure techniques that minimize tension on the skin, reducing the likelihood of keloid recurrence due to suture-related trauma.

Achieving Optimal Results

Dr. Gary Rothfeld’s treatment philosophy focuses not only on the immediate removal of keloid tissue but also on long-term prevention strategies. By combining surgical expertise with comprehensive post-operative care and patient education, he aims to achieve minimal to zero recurrence rates and ensure patient satisfaction.


For individuals seeking effective treatment for keloid earlobes in NYC, Dr. Gary Rothfeld offers unparalleled expertise and a proven track record of success. His holistic approach addresses both the physical removal of keloids and the prevention of future occurrences through lifestyle adjustments and patient education.

By leveraging his extensive experience and commitment to patient care, Dr. Rothfeld provides personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs. This dedication not only enhances treatment outcomes but also establishes his practice as a leading resource for keloid earlobe treatment in the NYC area.

Patients can trust Dr. Rothfeld to deliver compassionate care and sustainable results, ensuring relief from keloid earlobes and restoring confidence in their appearance.