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                       Xanthelasma Palpebrarum
Yellow cholesterol deposits around the eyes removal treatments 

Xanthelasma is a soft, superficial, yellow-orange papule, most common on the medial upper eyelid.
     Xanthelasma palpebrarum

Periocular xanthoma

Usually multiple and often symmetrical in distribution, lesions can occur in normolipemic individuals. However, they are of considerable value in identifying hyperlipemic patients at risk for occlusive vascular disease. Patients with xanthelasma should have a lipid profile determination.

  • Lesions respond to surgical excision.
  • Lesions also respond to the careful topical application of 40% trichloroacetic acid solution.
  • Lesions also respond very nicely to Electrodesiccation 
Xanthelasma Removal Expert in NYC - Dr. Gary Rothfeld
Types of Xanthelasmas:

Xanthelasma Palpebrarum:

Description: These are yellowish cholesterol deposits that form under the skin on or around the eyelids.
Characteristics: Xanthelasma palpebrarum is typically soft and appears as flat, yellowish plaques.

Location: Most commonly found on the upper eyelids but can occur on the lower eyelids as well.

Xanthelasma Disseminatum:

Description: A rare form of xanthelasma that presents with multiple, yellowish-brown papules.

Characteristics: Lesions may vary in size and are often found on the face, neck, trunk, and flexural areas.

Location: Can occur in various areas of the body.

Eruptive Xanthelasma:

Description: Characterized by the sudden appearance of crops of yellowish-orange papules.

Characteristics: Lesions may be itchy and are often associated with underlying lipid abnormalities.

Location: Commonly found on the buttocks, shoulders, and extensor surfaces of limbs.

Tuberoeruptive Xanthelasma:

Description: Features raised, yellowish-brown to red-brown nodules.

Characteristics: Lesions are more elevated than other types of xanthelasma and may be associated with hyperlipidemia.

Location: Predominantly found on the knees, elbows, and buttocks.

Treatment Options:

Topical Treatments:

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid): Applied directly to the xanthelasma, causing controlled chemical injury for removal.

Cryotherapy: Freezing the xanthelasma with liquid nitrogen, causing the lesion to fall off.

Laser Therapy:

CO2 Laser: Used for vaporization and removal of xanthelasma lesions, minimizing scarring.

Pulsed Dye Laser: Targets blood vessels within xanthelasma, reducing redness and promoting clearance.

Surgical Excision:

Incision and Curettage: The xanthelasma is incised, and the cholesterol deposits are scraped out.

Elliptical Excision: Removal of xanthelasma with surrounding skin, followed by closure with stitches.


Electrodesiccation: High-frequency electrical current is used to destroy xanthelasma tissue.


Lipid-Lowering Medications: Addressing underlying lipid abnormalities can prevent the recurrence of xanthelasma.

Chemical Cauterization: Using substances like trichloroacetic acid to burn and remove xanthelasma.

Note: The choice of treatment depends on factors such as the type and size of xanthelasma, patient preferences, and the presence of underlying lipid disorders. It's crucial to consult with a board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Gary Rothfeld for a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan.

Welcome to Dr. Gary Rothfeld's premier dermatology practice, where we specialize in advanced xanthelasma removal. With our commitment to excellence and a patient-centric approach, Dr. Rothfeld is your trusted board-certified dermatologist in the heart of New York City.

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Dr. Gary Rothfeld is a renowned dermatologist with years of expertise in treating xanthelasma. His commitment to providing the highest standard of care has earned him a reputation as a leading specialist in dermatology. Dr. Rothfeld is dedicated to staying at the forefront of medical advancements to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients.

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