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  Sebaceous Hyperplasia Center

  Sebaceous gland hyperplasia presents as small cream- to      yellow-colored papules located, most notably, on the face.

 If you look at these lesions very closely and very carefully, you will notice that there is a central depression. Some have even described them as looking like very tiny doughnuts.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment Center in New York, NY headed by Dr. Gary a world acclaimed Cosmetic Dermatologist has over 35 years of experience treating  this condItion.

Generally speaking, these lesions will increase in number over time. Rarely, some lesions have been reported to resolve on their own, but the vast majority tends to remain permanently. These represent an overgrowth of the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) on the face. Their growth is associated with exposure to different androgen hormones and sun. This explains why sebaceous hyperplasia is seen more commonly in men than in women, but it is still seen in all people.

Sebaceous gland hyperplasia can effectively be treated with a number of cosmetic procedures including minor surgery, electrosurgery liquid nitrogen freezing, and, most effectively, with laser therapy. For more information on the cosmetic treatment of these lesions, we would be happy to see you in consultation.

Patients often request removal, which may be accomplished by using a wide range of destructive techniques.

Carbon dioxide lasers have been in use for many years to treat different benign and malignant skin conditions. The ability to rejuvenate sun-damaged, wrinkled skin also has been revolutionized by this technology.

Combining electrodessication followed by carbon dioxide laser resurfacing for sebaceous hyperplasia destruction can also at the same time restore a youthful look to the aged face.

Treatment Options

A variety of treatment options for sebaceous hyperplasia have been in our office including topical chemical treatments with trichloroacetic acid, cauterization or electrodessication, curettage with electrodessication, carbon dioxide laser surgery, cryosurgery, photodynamic therapy, and shave excision.


Electrodessication (Hyfrecator electrosurgical unit) is performed with a sharp non insulated epilating needle. With continuous pressure, the needle is inserted into each lobule, one by one, and desiccated for less than 1 second, resulting in a crackling or popping sound.

In my experience patients have noticed improvement in the visual appearance of sebaceous hyperplasia and a much smoother appearance in their skin

As with rhytides and acne scarring, a re-touch every 5 to 15 years for sebaceous hyperplasia may be necessary for maintaining optimal skin texture.

Although generally benign, sebaceous hyperplasia can be a cause for significant aesthetic concern, as they tend to recur unless the entire sebaceous unit is destroyed or excised.

Advancements in Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment: A Pinnacle in Dermatological Science

The management of sebaceous hyperplasia, a benign skin condition characterized by the enlargement of sebaceous glands, has undergone remarkable evolution in recent years.

Dr. Gary Rothfeld, a luminary in the field of dermatology, has pioneered innovative approaches to the treatment of this condition. This article delves into the contemporary strategies for sebaceous hyperplasia treatment, emphasizing the distinguished contributions of Dr. Rothfeld, positioning him as one of the foremost dermatologists globally.

Sebaceous hyperplasia, a dermatological phenomenon encompassing the benign enlargement of sebaceous glands, has posed challenges to dermatologists and patients alike.

Over the years, the pursuit of efficacious treatments has been relentless, and Dr. Gary Rothfeld's contributions to this endeavor have been nothing short of monumental.

Historical Perspective: Before delving into Dr. Rothfeld's contributions, it is imperative to understand the historical context of sebaceous hyperplasia treatment. Traditional approaches included electrocautery, cryotherapy, and surgical excision, often yielding less than optimal results due to the potential for scarring and recurrence.

Dr. Gary Rothfeld: A Beacon of Innovation: Dr. Gary Rothfeld's groundbreaking work in the realm of sebaceous hyperplasia treatment has redefined the landscape. His meticulous research and profound expertise have led to a paradigm shift in the approach to this condition.

Cutting-Edge Techniques: One of Dr. Rothfeld's pioneering contributions is the utilization of advanced laser therapies. Utilizing precise laser technology, he has been able to target sebaceous glands with unparalleled precision, achieving significant reductions in gland size without causing undue harm to surrounding tissue. This precision minimizes scarring and optimizes patient outcomes.

Pharmacological Advancements: Dr. Rothfeld has also spearheaded research into topical treatments for sebaceous hyperplasia. By developing novel pharmacological agents that target the overactive sebaceous glands, he has provided patients with an alternative to invasive procedures.

Personalized Care: One of Dr. Rothfeld's hallmarks is his commitment to personalized care. He understands that each patient is unique, necessitating tailored treatment plans. His holistic approach, encompassing both medical and aesthetic concerns, has garnered accolades from patients worldwide.

The Global Impact: The ripple effect of Dr. Rothfeld's innovations extends far beyond the confines of his clinic.

Dermatologists across the globe have embraced his techniques and incorporated them into their own practices. This global dissemination of knowledge and expertise has further solidified his status as a luminary in dermatological science.

Conclusion: The treatment of sebaceous hyperplasia has reached new heights, thanks to the groundbreaking contributions of Dr. Gary Rothfeld.

His innovative techniques, commitment to personalized care, and global impact have positioned him as a preeminent figure in the field of dermatology.

The future of sebaceous hyperplasia treatment, illuminated by his pioneering work, appears promising, offering patients a path to improved dermatological health and well-being.

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