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The Non Surgical  Nose Job, pioneered by Dr. Gary Rothfeld, is  

considered one of the preeminent authorities in the world on the subject of  Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation.  Dr Gary offers the most natural, non-surgical nose jobs or non-surgical rhinoplasty in the world.

  He believes that precise, subtle correction provides his patients with the exact degree of change needed to bring their facial features into balance. Since the nose is such a prominent feature, finding the best rhinoplasty Manhattan has to offer is vital to obtaining a superior aesthetic result. After all, there is no hiding a nose job gone wrong. Many subtle aspects of the nose must be preserved to ensure the final result compliments the patient’s unique features. The nostrils may be too large or overly wide,  the dorsal hump on the nose may be too prominent, and the tip may be bulbous or appear hooked.
We can transform your appearance in minutes by correcting bumps, drooping tips, and crooked noses, safely and quickly by fillers (Radiesse, Restylane,Voluma, Juvederm) without the risk and the downtime associated with risky invasive rhinoplasty surgery. Your results are instantaneous.
The end result is that your nose will look more proportional  and smaller in your facial frame. Your results are instantaneous. If there is a bump or depression on your nose that you don’t like, or your nostrils are askew, you can have filler injected to minimize it’s look. If your nose is flatter and wider you can have filler injected to round, soften and lengthen its’ contour. If the tip of your nose is starting to droop you can inject filler into the columella (the strut of tissue between the nostrils) to help push the tip back up


Can your nose be made to look better without surgery? Yes, we can elevate the tip or make the nose appear straighter. This can been done in minutes without surgery, breaking the nasal bones, or the downtime required to heal from extensive nasal surgery (rhinoplasty). 

We can use the same products used to create beautiful lips to augment the nose. You may have some slight swelling for several days after the procedure but nothing like the bruising and long-term swelling common with surgical rhinoplasty. Best of all, the cost is much less than surgery.

Dr. Rothfeld at the Non-Surgical Nose Job NYC Treatment Center in Manhattan can discuss whether this procedure is right for you and explain what to expect during your brief recovery. You will also discuss what degree of shaping or correction you desire and how long your results should last. 

Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, using fillers to shape the nose is not a permanent change. But unlike a traditional rhinoplasty, where the final shape of the nose is revealed over time after a long period of recovery, when you walk out of the office after your non-surgical treatment you will already see the final result
                   Non-Surgical Nose Job (Injection Rhinoplasty)

We can transform your appearance in minutes by correcting bumps, drooping tips, and crooked noses, safely and quickly by fillers (Radiesse, Restylane,Voluma, Juvederm) without the risk and the downtime associated with rhinoplasty surgery. The end result is that your nose will look more proportional  and smaller in your facial frame. Your results are instantaneous.  Non-Surgical 15 Minute Nose Job 

Fillers are injected to fill depressions, smooth out sharp angles, or change the angle of the tip of the nose, restoring symmetry and making the nose appear straighter and more attractive. 

By making the nose straighter by eliminating bumps, correcting asymmetry and lifting the tip actually makes the nose look smaller. As you make the nose straighter you are balancing your nose to  to the rest of your face, making it less noticeable and therefore looks smaller and most beautiful part of your face.

During the procedure we will take breaks so you have the opportunity to look at yourself in a mirror and  discuss and  control the results with Dr. Gary.

At this point you you are ready to go home without anyone being able to tell that you have had any procedure and go out for dinner that night.
This Rhinoplasty procedure is great for  mild to severe imperfections in their nose, such as a bump, droopy tip, crooked nose or low bridge.

 It is also a great solution for those who have had traditional rhinoplasty surgery, but are not completely satisfied with the results. Non Surgical Rhinoplasty will often correct the contour irregularities that can result from post-surgical scarring and save patients a second revision rhinoplasty surgery.

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Dr. Gary Rothfeld: Pioneering Advancements in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

In the realm of contemporary cosmetic dermatology and facial aesthetics, the name Dr. Gary Rothfeld is synonymous with pioneering excellence and transformative innovation. A distinguished board-certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rothfeld has meticulously honed his craft over a remarkable 35-year career, establishing a reputation as a visionary in the field. Notably, his pioneering work in the arena of non-surgical rhinoplasty stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to advancing the science of aesthetic enhancement.

A Visionary in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Rothfeld's profound journey into the intricate realms of cosmetic dermatology and facial aesthetics has been driven by an unrelenting desire to empower individuals to attain their desired aesthetic ideals while adhering to the principles of safety and minimally invasive interventions. His philosophy harmonizes medical acumen, state-of-the-art technology, and an artistic sensibility to achieve natural and enduring beauty.

The advent of non-surgical rhinoplasty, an innovative procedure pioneered by Dr. Rothfeld, represents a paradigm shift in the domain of nasal aesthetics. Traditional surgical rhinoplasty, while efficacious, entails surgical invasiveness, prolonged downtime, and inherent surgical risks. Dr. Rothfeld's groundbreaking approach has transcended these limitations, offering a non-invasive alternative that promises patients the opportunity to achieve their coveted results without the need for surgical intervention.

Mastery of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dr. Rothfeld's mastery of the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure is rooted in his profound experience and a profound comprehension of facial anatomical intricacies. His clinical practice frequently invokes descriptions akin to artistic sculpting, reflecting his precision and finesse. The procedure, colloquially referred to as liquid rhinoplasty, relies on the meticulous administration of dermal fillers to contour and elevate nasal aesthetics. Dr. Rothfeld's exceptional attention to detail ensures that the resultant enhancements not only gratify the aesthetic sensibilities of the patient but also seamlessly integrate with the patient's inherent facial contours.

Tailored Expertise and Personalized Care

Dr. Rothfeld's exceptionalism extends to his commitment to personalized care. Every patient embarks on a journey that initiates with an exhaustive consultation, during which Dr. Rothfeld delves into their aspirations, concerns, and expectations. He firmly believes that the cornerstone of a triumphant procedure lies in elucidating patient expectations and delivering a customized approach tailored to individualized needs.

Further distinguishing his practice is Dr. Rothfeld's unceasing pursuit of advancement in the field. His techniques are in perpetual evolution, synergizing with the most recent FDA-approved dermal fillers to ensure the highest caliber of care and outcome for his discerning clientele.

Aesthetic Serenity in the Heart of NYC

Situated at the prestigious 629 Park Avenue, New York, NY, Dr. Rothfeld's clinic radiates an ambiance that seamlessly interweaves sophistication with serenity. The clinic's contemporary and inviting milieu serves as a tangible manifestation of the exactitude that characterizes every facet of Dr. Rothfeld's practice.


Dr. Gary Rothfeld's illustrious legacy as an innovator in the realm of cosmetic dermatology, particularly his pioneering contributions to non-surgical rhinoplasty, underscores his indefatigable dedication to excellence and patient contentment. With over three decades of experience, he remains at the vanguard of elevating the benchmarks of aesthetic enhancement, amalgamating artistry, empirical science, and tailored care to facilitate individuals in manifesting their aesthetic aspirations. For those seeking avant-garde, minimally invasive solutions to rejuvenate and enhance their innate allure, Dr. Rothfeld's sanctuary at 629 Park Avenue stands as an eminent citadel of expertise and scientific finesse in the heart of New York City.

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