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With the increasing popularity of various cosmetic surgery procedures, including mole removal at the Mole Removal Treatment Center in New York, NY 

It is important that the prospective patient researches and understands different issues like what the procedure can and cannot treat, inherent risks, costs, and other factors. Some important elements you should understand regarding mole removal include the following: 

Benefits of Mole Removal There are various benefits to this procedure, including: Removing protruding moles that get in the way of shaving. Those considering mole removal should first find a qualified cosmetic dermatologist to perform the procedure. 

Before consulting with a cosmetic dermatologist about having the mole removed, it is strongly recommended that patients have their mole examined by a dermatologist who has experience in treating moles, related skin conditions and skin cancer to help determine if the mole is cancerous.

For excision of the mole, the surgeon uses a scalpel to cut the mole and a border of good skin surrounding it.

Shaving removes the protruding surface of the mole, but it can leave mole cells beneath the skin and may grow back. Mole removal typically takes less than an hour to perform, depending on the amount of moles to be removed. 

The risks associated with mole removal also depend upon the technique used. What is the dermatologist level of experience in performing mole removal? In addition, it is important that mole removal patients relay to their dermatologist information regarding any allergies and serious medical conditions they may have.



Moles are extremely common and come in various colors, sizes, and appearances: pink, brown, flat, or raised. The foremost priority is to ensure that moles or skin lesions are benign by having them checked by a board certified dermatologist.

Fortunately, most moles are harmless and do not need to be treated. Some moles, however, can be unsightly and distracting.  In these situations, mole removal may provide improved appearance, confidence, and well-being.

Am I a good candidate for mole removal?
You are a good candidate for mole removal if you have:

a benign mole that has been evaluated by a dermatologist
a mole which bothers you and detracts from your appearance
What happens during the initial consultation for mole removal?
During the consultation, Dr. Rothfeld will:

evaluate the size, color, and appearance of the mole
assess your skin type and discuss options for removal, including surgical excision, shaving, or scraping
carefully assess the location of the mole and its close proximity to importance facial structures such as your nostrils, lips, and eyes

Some plastic surgeons may not view a mole removal with the same gravity as a face lift, but Dr. Gary approaches each patient and procedure with the same discerning ear, artistic eye, and attention to detail.

This is your face, and Dr. Rothfeld is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality results with the most minimal scars.

What happens during the mole removal?
In the office, the mole is injected with local anesthetic to numb the area. Various treatment modalities may be used.

surgical excision will completely remove the mole requires placing tiny stitches to repair the area from which the mole was excised
shaving will remove the raised part of the mole

electrodessication will burn off small, raised moles
scraping will remove some of the superficial layers of the mole

What is the recovery like?
There is very little downtime associated with a mole removal. Most patients return to work the same day. 

With certain procedures, such as electrodessication and shaving, a small scab may form on the mole which falls off after a few days.

What will I look like?
There is always a minimal to no scar associated with a mole removal. With surgical excision, the scar may be a faint, thin line which improves over time. Patients who are bothered by the appearance of their moles find that a faint scar is a worthwhile trade-off for a cosmetically unappealing mole. 

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Dr. Gary Rothfeld: Your Trusted Expert in Scar-Free, Sutureless Mole Removal

Welcome to the forefront of cosmetic dermatology and scar-free, sutureless mole removal at the practice of Dr. Gary Rothfeld, the esteemed Medical Director of Park Avenue Dermatology and the Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Center.
With over 30 years of experience as a board-certified Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist, and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rothfeld stands as a pioneer in the field, offering unparalleled expertise and innovative techniques for achieving smooth, flawless skin.

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Dr. Gary Rothfeld's dedication to delivering exceptional results has led him to become a globally recognized authority in cosmetic dermatology. As the Medical Director of Park Avenue Dermatology and the Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Center, he has built a practice that prioritizes patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

Park Avenue Dermatology: Dr. Rothfeld's leadership at Park Avenue Dermatology reflects his commitment to offering a comprehensive range of dermatological services. Whether you're seeking mole removal, non-surgical rejuvenation, or other dermatological treatments, you can trust that Dr. Rothfeld and his team provide expert care that meets your individual needs.

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Center: Under the guidance of Dr. Rothfeld, the Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Center embodies the latest advancements in cosmetic procedures. Dr. Rothfeld's expertise ensures that you receive top-tier treatments that rejuvenate your appearance without the need for invasive surgery. From mole removal to various non-surgical aesthetic procedures, your journey to enhanced confidence starts here.

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When you choose Dr. Gary Rothfeld for your mole removal needs, you're selecting a medical professional who not only boasts a rich history of exceptional results but also upholds the highest standards of patient care. Dr. Rothfeld's personalized approach, combined with his advanced techniques, ensures that you achieve the results you desire with no sutures and minimal, barely noticeable scarring.

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