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Dr. Gary Rothfeld  is one of the world's first and foremost leading experts of this guiding principle of shape before volume. Indeed, the Lip Lift is one of his many specialties as a master cosmetic surgeon of the face in New York, NY.  

The Lip Lift is a good option for patients looking for a more permanent lip enhancement. This small surgical correction can be very rewarding, especially for aging patients.

 Often, with age, the upper lip tends to elongate. For example, if one were to compare the height of his or her lips during their twenties to that in their fifties or sixties, there is usually a considerable and visible increase in length and loss off pout as a person ages.

 A simple solution for lip enhancement is injection with either fillers (such as Juvederm) or fat injection. However, a filler will only last about 12 months or more and fat transfer has even more limitations. It is also important to remember that both of these filler procedures do not, in fact, shorten the lip but just enlarge it.

A Lip Lift procedure truly corrects the problem of elongated lips and can even be beneficial to younger patients.

What is a Lip lift?

A Lip Lift is a surgical procedure performed in order to shorten the height of elongated lips, enhance lip appearance and provide more pout.

How is it performed?

A Lip Lift is usually performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, a segment of the upper lip skin under the nose is excised and removed and a new lip is reconstructed. The procedure takes about 45 minutes and one follow up procedure. The follow up is for the purpose of removing sutures placed under the nose and is usually done about 5 days after the Lip Lift.

The Lift Lift is a surgical procedure which can restore volume to the upper lip. 

 It can also benefit people who have an elongated upper lip. Performed under local anesthesia, the Lip Lift involves removing a small strip of skin immediately beneath the nose. Surgery in this area tends to heal extremely well with a scar that is usually invisible. The benefits of the Lip Lift are that it shortens the upper lip and turns out more of the pink part of the lip, creating a more attractive and youthful appearance. This procedure can also be used to turn up the corners of the mouth, correcting the "downward smile" that occurs with aging. 


A lip lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that attempts to improve the appearance of lips by reshaping to advance the vermilion border or give the lips have what is perceived to be a more pleasing shape.

Lip lift is to be distinguished from lip enhancement, another name for lip augmentation, which is often performed as a nonsurgical procedure.

With the rising popularity of facial rejuvenation techniques, surgeons have noted that if the majority of the face is rejuvenated but the lips are not, it creates a very discordant impression that undermines the effect as a whole.

The ideal of youthful lips is often described as a lozenge shape with a pronounced Cupid's bow and significant fullness in the upper and lower lips. Several techniques were developed, and, as yet, there remains no standard technique for the lip lift.

Variations on the Technique

One way to achieve advancement of the vermilion is the gull wing lift. In this technique, often complicated incisions are used to remove one or more cuts of tissue that significantly alter the shape of the lips by moving up the vermillion from both peaks of the Cupid's bow out toward the side of the lips (the commissure)

Incisions are also made below the lower lips to move more vermilion out on the bottom lips.  In another variation of the procedure, an incision is made inside the mouth to loosen the mucosa and vermilion, which are then advanced and secured, leaving an exposed portion inside the mouth, which may take 2 -4 months to completely heal

Another variation uses a "W" incision inside the mouth to create several "V" flaps, which are then used in a V-to-Y plasty technique to advance the vermilion of either or both lips. This procedure leaves no exposed area inside the mouth, but can be painful and have a lengthy recovery period.

These procedures are not for every patient that walks in the door. The Doctor has carefully evaluate you by taking a complete history and physical and listen to  your concerns.  This procedure is definitely not for everybody.

It is vital to undergo a full pre assessment to ensure that your skin type is fully assessed and to be  accurate about your medical history. This particular procedure might not be the right treatment for you.  It is crucial that the Doctor does a full History and Physical Examination and listens to your concerns.  It very important to understand the individual needs of each patient because one procedure could work on one patient and then not another.

Each patient’s condition is carefully evaluated and the best treatment(s) is chosen to ensure an optimal outcome. Treatments are performed by Dr. Gary who has extensive  cosmetic surgical experience and training. This allows the Doctor to offer top-quality services in every area of the cosmetic dermatology field, while ensuring patients safety and satisfaction.

I personally see every new patient who visits our office. I am not just a physician, I am a Board Certified Dermatologist. My goal is, quite simply, to provide the type of dermatologic care which I  would seek for my own family. This is a very important point, since physicians often use the phrase "Doctor's Doctor" to refer to those individuals who typically are selected by physicians themselves for personal care. I am confident that my practice fully meets that definition. This is the type of 5-star care and service that our patients expect, deserve and receive. I treat every patient the way I would want to be treated: with courtesy, dignity and respect. I carefully listen to their hair and skin-care concerns and offer a variety of options including a treatment plan that I believe will give them the best results 

Dr Gary sees every patient himself and  believes in personalized care. The Doctor does not employ any physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or other physician substitutes to do his treatment. He sees every patient himself at every visit.

A significant percentage of my  Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology Conditions are diagnosed  on listening to medical history of the patient alone, a further percentage on examination and the remainder on further investigation and my patients teach me the rest. It is clear to me that history and examination skills remain at the very core of my dermatology practice. Older Dermatologists like myself rely on history and physical to a greater degree than the younger dermatologists.  I think that the pendulum has swung too far towards all these cosmetic procedures where the younger dermatologists are just doing cosmetic procedures and not listening to their patients.  This is an important point because if the Dermatologist does not spend enough time with the patient the cosmetic procedures will not work.

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