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By providing Kybella, we are giving patients another way to get rid of extra fat under their chin and around their jawline.

A double or triple chin can be reduced with Kybella without the need for pointless surgery.

Dr. Rothfeld is one of the first Cosmetic Dermatologists in the world to offer Kybella. Recently approved by the FDA to reduce submental fat, which causes a double to triple chin. With this procedure you can help eliminate the double chin with nothing more than a few simple injections.

While many of us would like to see a streamlined profile when we look in the mirror, some of us have excess fat that creates a double chin, also called submental fullness. A double chin can result from a variety of causes, including hereditary factors, weight, anatomy and airway positioning.

Kybella injections help to eliminate excess fat in the submental area of the face, beneath the jaw. Over time you will notice a more slender jawline and a reduction or elimination of the so-called double chin.

A double chin, also known as submental fat, is a common occurrence that happens when a layer of fat forms below your chin. A double chin is often associated with weight gain, but you don't have to have excess weight to have one. Genetics or looser skin resulting from aging may also cause a double chin

A surgical procedure called submental liposuction was required to eliminate a double-chin fat accumulation. Despite being one of the less invasive cosmetic procedures for the face, submental liposuction is still surgery. A surgical suite is frequently used for liposuction procedures, which either use local or general anesthesia. The typical recuperation time following liposuction is one to two weeks or greater. Pain, edema, and numbness may accompany the healing process. In other words, liposuction is a procedure that simply isn't for everyone, leaving a sizable number of people dissatisfied with their jawlines and searching for a remedy.

Dr. Gary Rothfeld: Mastering the Art of Kybella at 629 Park Ave, NY, NY

Unlock Your Best Profile - Sculpting Confidence

Welcome to the realm of aesthetic perfection and the promise of redefined jawlines at the esteemed 629 Park Ave, NY, NY, under the expert care of Dr. Gary Rothfeld. In your quest to eliminate the ever-dreaded double chin, Dr. Rothfeld stands as the paragon of precision, proficiency, and artistry in Kybella treatments.

Meet Dr. Gary Rothfeld

Dr. Gary Rothfeld is a consummate master of dermatology, a board-certified practitioner revered for his transcendent prowess in both medical and cosmetic dermatological artistry. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, he has carved a niche for himself in delivering nothing less than exceptional, life-transforming results. Dr. Rothfeld's commitment to the highest standards of patient care and unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of dermatological innovation, make him a quintessential choice for those seeking the remarkable advantages of Kybella.

Kybella at 629 Park Ave, NY, NY - A Renaissance in Aesthetics

Kybella is the modern-day elixir, a non-surgical breakthrough, tailored to obviate the constraints of a double chin.

At 629 Park Ave, NY, NY, Dr. Rothfeld has made it his mission to harness the full potential of Kybella, ensuring that every patient departs with a sculpted and redefined jawline, a visage reflecting the epitome of aesthetic perfection.

Why Choose Dr. Rothfeld and Kybella?

Mastery of Kybella: Dr. Rothfeld's profound understanding of Kybella's intricacies is your assurance of a safe, comfortable, and efficient procedure.

Bespoke Treatment: In Dr. Rothfeld's world, no two faces are the same.

He regards each patient as a unique canvas, employing a tailored approach that aligns with your individual aspirations and circumstances.

Minimal Downtime: Kybella's non-invasive nature allows for an expedited return to your daily routine, ensuring that your life isn't compromised in your pursuit of aesthetic glory.

Artful Results: Dr. Rothfeld's artistry guarantees results that harmonize with your natural beauty, providing you with a rejuvenated appearance that never appears forced or artificial.

The Kybella Experience:

Step 1: The Art of Consultation

The journey commences with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Rothfeld. This is where your unique needs are uncovered, and the Kybella procedure is thoroughly elucidated. Dr. Rothfeld will carefully evaluate your facial contours, submental fat deposition, and structural nuances.

Step 2: The Aesthetic Symphony

The Kybella procedure, executed by Dr. Rothfeld's skilled hand, unfolds like an aesthetic symphony. Kybella is artfully administered beneath the chin, where it diligently dismantles fat cells. The number of treatments required varies, contingent upon your particular objectives and biology.

Step 3: Embracing Recovery

As an advocate of patient comfort, Dr. Rothfeld ensures that the downtime associated with Kybella remains minimal. Potential swelling is addressed with grace, resolving in a few short days, so you can resume your life with the confidence of your rejuvenation.

Step 4: Revel in Resplendence

In the weeks following treatment, a transformation gradually takes hold. The chin becomes progressively more refined, the double chin begins to fade, and a more pronounced and elegant jawline takes shape.

Embark on Your Kybella Journey

Unlock the doors to your newfound confidence and the sculpted beauty that you've always desired.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Gary Rothfeld at 629 Park Ave, NY, NY, today. Dr. Rothfeld and his team are committed to the philosophy of patient-centered care, ensuring that you unveil your most confident and radiant self. Bid farewell to the double chin, and embrace a version of yourself that exudes poise and allure.

Contact us today to embark on your Kybella journey and to gain an insight into how Dr. Gary Rothfeld can help you actualize your vision of timeless elegance and aesthetic perfection