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Collagen Injections
Collagen injections were used in treating fine lines and wrinkles, as well as shallow scars. Most often, collagen injections treated areas around the mouth, like laugh lines and deep nasolabial creases.

 We  used collagen injections to supplement the body's natural collagen supply, which decreases over time. Using a series of collagen injections, Dr.Gary  Rothfeld could raise the treated area, smoothing wrinkles and creases. Although many patients request collagen injections to treat areas of the face, there are a variety of other popular uses for collagen injections, including softening scar tissue and creating fuller lips. Individuals who are interested in receiving collagen injections could consult with Dr. 
Gary Rothfeld at NYC Dermatologist to make sure they are qualified—due to the ingredients in collagen injections, people who were allergic to dietary beef or lidocaine, or who have had reactions to collagen injections should not receive injectable collagen. A skin patch test is often performed prior to any collagen injections to check for allergic reactions.

Now Collagen after many years of success has been taken off the market and many fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma, Bellafill,Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane have taken collagens' place.

 What other wrinkle and line fillers are available?

JUVEDERM 6 or more month duration (Hyaluronic acid)

CAPTIQUE - 4 to 6 month duration (Hyaluronic acid)
RESTYLANE - 6 months and longer  (Hyaluronic acid)

RESTYLANE - 6 months and longer  (Hyaluronic acid
RADIESSE      1 to 5 years  (CaHA microspheres Calcium hydroxylapatite)

 -  2 years or more Poly-L_Lactic Acid

Dermal fillers are great, but do you wish to restore your own youthful skin rather than just replacing it? BellaFill is distinctive among injectable options for that reason. In addition to plumping smile lines instantly, BellaFill also helps re-create the firmer structure of younger-looking skin.

Bellafill® is indicated for the correction of nasolabial folds and moderate to severe, atrophic, distensible facial acne scars on the cheek in patients over the age of 21 years. BellaFill injection is a mixture of bovine collagen, which provides immediate support; and biocompatible microspheres, which provide lasting support. These microspheres have been used in medical applications for more than 60 years. They create a microscopic ‘matrix’ to support your body’s own natural collagen production, and ultimately strengthen the layers of the skin. This provides the support your skin needs for wrinkle correction and younger looking skin.

What is Bellafill®?
If you want an injectable wrinkle filler that provides lasting wrinkle correction.

Bellafill® is an FDA  approved dermal filler for the correction of facial wrinkles known as nasolabial folds or smile lines. It is a unique, injectable collagen filler with microspheres that can instantly smooth facial wrinkles (nasolabial folds) for beautiful, natural-looking results that last.

If you are ready to stop constantly filling and start replacing, Bellafill may be right for you.

Reasons to Choose Bellafill®

How Bellafill® Works: 
Bellafill® replaces lost volume in the skin below the wrinkle for results that are immediate and lasting. The injectable gel is comprised of 80% purified collagen and 20% PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) microspheres (add Lemperle reference).

Bellafill keeps on working:

Bellafill® is different. It restores rather than just fills for natural enduring results. In clinical studies, efficacy was observed out to 12 months.* (Primary efficacy endpoint was at 6 months)

Bellafill® is an exceptional cosmetic treatment 
Bellafill® offers a new level of filler rejuvenation. In addition to immediately adding volume to smooth away facial wrinkles known as smile lines, Bellafill® helps your skin re-create its own firmer structure for beautiful, younger-looking skin and lasting results.*

What to Expect with Bellafill® Treatment
Treatment with Bellafill® is very similar to treatment with conventional injectable fillers. The main difference is that Bellafill® requires a skin test in the United States to identify those patients who may have an allergy to bovine collagen or lidocaine. Lidocaine is provided to minimize discomfort during injection.

First Appointment: Your skin test. A small amount of purified bovine collagen gel is injected in the forearm to ensure you have no adverse reactions to bovine collagen and/or lidocaine.

Second appointment: Four weeks later, if there have been no adverse reactions to the initial test, you are ready for treatment. Upon injection, you will usually see immediate improvement to lines and wrinkles. The amount of Bellafill® required will depend on the severity of the lines/wrinkles being addressed.

Third appointment: A follow-up is suggested at 4-6 weeks. This also allows you to decide if you would like to further enhance or correct the area.

Enjoy a youthful look that lasts.

Bellafill® contains lidocaine to lessen the discomfort from the procedure. With proper placement, Bellafill® cannot be felt after treatment. You may see immediate results in wrinkle correction and can return to your normal daily activities after the procedure.

As with any injectable filler, you may experience temporary pain, swelling and reddening at the treatment site. These side effects are usually gone within a few days. Occasionally, there is transient bruising that typically disappears within 7 days. Less common side effects include rash and itching more than 48 hours after treatment, persistent swelling or redness, and increased sensitivity at injection sites. Two other rare potential side effects of all fillers may be lumps and granulomas, both of which may be treated 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Bellafill®?

A: Bellafill® is a unique injectable collagen filler with microspheres that support production of the body’s own collagen for beautiful, natural-looking results that last.

Q: What are the microspheres in Bellafill® made of?

A: The tiny microspheres in Bellafill® are half the diameter of a human hair, so small that they are virtually invisible to the eye. The microspheres are made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), one of the most widely used materials in medicine for 65 years. a non-degradable inert material used for various medical purposes over the last century.

Q: How does it work?

A: The collagen in Bellafill® provides immediate volume and lift while the microspheres create a matrix that supports collagen production in your skin over time. The microspheres are not absorbed by the body and provide a support matrix for lasting correction1.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes. The safety profile of Bellafill® is comparable to the temporary fillers you are familiar with and perhaps already using.

Q: What are granulomas?

A: Granulomas are inflammatory reactions that may occur with all fillers and can be treated. Bellafill® was studied in the longest and largest filler safety study ever conducted. In this long terms safety study, the granuloma rate was 1.7% and majority had resolved or improved with treatment by the end of the study.

Q: Will it work for me?

A: In a clinical trial, Bellafill® was shown to work equally well with all skin types, and in men and women. If you have a history of severe allergies, have known bovine collagen allergies, are allergic to lidocaine, or are prone to thick scar formation and/or excessive scarring, tell your provider.

Q: When will I see results?

A: Bellafill® replaces lost volume in the skin below the wrinkle for immediate correction and lasting results.

Q: What’s the downtime?

A: You can return to normal activities right away. As with any injectable dermal filler, mild swelling and redness can occur at the treatment site that generally subside after 24 hours.

Q: How long does it last?

A: Bellafill® provides a microscopic ‘matrix’ to support your body’s own natural collagen production, and ultimately strengthen the layers of the skin. This provides the support your skin needs for wrinkle correction and younger looking skin, with results that last. In clinical trials, Bellafill® showed significant improvement in smile lines at 3 months and 6 months after treatment, and continued to show improvement at 12 months.

Q: Can Bellafill® be used in my lips?

A: No.

For full safety information, please refer to the Instructions for Use and patient label copy.

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